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Bethesda Holistic & Massage Therapy Center is one of the best of local providers for physical therapy, alternative medicine and massage therapy in Bethesda, MD offering highly standard of best world techniques.


The physiotherapy team offer a wide range of specialist services. These services encompass inpatients and outpatients, to follow your journey throughout the recovery process We use the latest technologies and have a state of the art equipment.

Qualified massage therapist  provide massage for men and women and offer several different massages to meet your every therapeutic need.


OUR MASSAGE SERVICE include Your Favorite types of European  Massage Therapy in Bethesda - Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage in Bethesda, Relaxing massage with Herbal, Russian Sport, Stretching Massage, Orient massage techniques, Reflexology, combination massage (unlike Asian massage, European massage is based on physiology, not on invisible lines and focuses on blood circulation. The combination of both technique gives the best result. And, of course, our 


will be your best choice when you search massage near me or massage bethesda.

  Each of these massages offers something different and is catered to your needs and likes. If you have never experienced European massage we highly recommend our Signature anti-stress Massage as a new practice of European relaxation technique for you.      

  Our philosophy is that no one should ever leave without having a wonderful and authentic experience feeling rejuvenated in body and spirit.

If you are in Downtown Bethesda and looking for "physical therapy" or"massage therapy near me" or "massage bethesda"- you found the best place to get a quality massage services in Bethesda, MD


We accept all major

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