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There are many professions associated with physical

work which are mainly done by men. Saturated and

hard-working day exhausts and can take away all the

energy. The violent rhythm of modern life also leaves

its own imprint on health. Unlike women, many men

do not know how to share their experiences. As a result,

stress exerts a stronger impact.

Stresses accumulate and may manifest themselves as psychosomatic disorders. For men, this is primarily a strain in the region of the neck-collar zone and shoulders. The stress of these areas leads to sleep disorders, anxiety, chronic fatigue and working capacity. Massage of forehearth, trapezius and neck muscles shall not be neglected.

Massage for men at Bethesda Holistic Center MD primarily focuses on a detailed and intensive study of muscles. After all, muscle mass directly depends from daily exercise and the level of the testosterone in blood. If a man faces active force loads daily, then massage is simply necessary for him. Acceleration of blood circulation due to massage leads to a more rapid withdrawal of excess products like lactic acid and activation of regenerative processes. It also helps with muscle hypertonia, to improve muscle/ligament flexibility and to maintain general working capacity of an organism.

In the context of classical massage for men at Bethesda

Holistic Center MD we do the massage of the

lumbosacral (lower back) region and reflex zones

associated with the lower spine, which takes the main

load when lifting heavy objects and weights.

Such massage is preventive and helps to preclude any

spinal diseases.



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