Massage for women - Yumeiho therapy

If it is difficult for you to "hold" your posture, your head, back or waist often hurts, heels on your shoes worn out faster on one side then on the other and fatigue at work comes all the earlier - it's time to deal with the biomechanics of your body.

What is biomechanics?
Biomechanics is the science that studies the mechanisms of

human movement. At the heart of biomechanics is the

movement of skeletal muscles, both ends of which are

attached to the bones. When the muscles contract, the

attachment points approach each other - the arm bends

at the elbow, the leg in the knee - and when it is relaxed,

they retreat.
If muscle tone is increased, which happens very often -

the biomechanics is broken. And if the tone is elevated

for a long time, then bones are gradually shifted. This can

be seen, for example, in people with curvature of the spine,

one shoulder of which is always higher than the other.
What are the dangers of disturbance in biomechanics?
Muscle tension often leads to an incorrect position of the pelvic bones, which is fraught with the most serious consequences. After all, even with a minimal displacement of pelvic bones, the load on one half of the human body increases, and the other decreases. Its center of gravity shifts, the spine suffers, the position of the internal organs gradually changes relative to each other. This displacement is a direct and rather short path to an unpleasant functional disorder of the musculoskeletal system, internal organs, and even to a decrease in immunity.

What to do?
To restore biomechanics, get you pelvic bones back in order

and return your center of gravity back to normal -

yumeiho-therapy will help. This is a special kind of massage,

which came to us from Japan, and consists of more than

100 different techniques. The amazing yumeiho massage is

the only one of all known types of massage, which helps to

fight with the displacement of pelvic bones (and hence,

internal organs). Yumeiho-therapy is allowing to restore the

position of pelvic bones without pain and risk. Properly

conducted, a course of yumeiho-therapy will help get rid of back pain and muscle pain, eliminate muscle cramps, stagnant phenomena, improve the conductivity of nerve fibers, make joints more mobile and help normalize blood pressure. But the main thing that yumeiho-therapy gives you is the effect of complete restoration of the normal biomechanics of the body and blood circulation. This is important for those who play sports (improve athletic performance, increase stamina), young mothers who dream of recovering faster after pregnancy and childbirth and any woman who wants to feel easier, more dynamic and more active.

How is the session Yumeiho-therapy?
Despite the high efficiency, a session of yumeiho-therapy is not a load, but, on the contrary, complete relaxation. Master yumeiho-therapy for an hour consistently works out all the muscles and joints, from head to toe, paying special attention to the hip joints in specific (they are called biologically active) points of the body. The task of the master is to achieve complete muscle relaxation of the patient and increase the amount of joint movement.
Yumeiho-therapy positively affects internal organs as well - due to the restoration of their normal anatomical location, the functionality is noticeably improved.



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